Hello Everyone

I’m Angus the Labrador Retriever and this is my blog.

My proper name is Whistletyne Harrington but you can call me Angus.

I will be posting regular updates about how I’m getting on so please check back here for the latest on the greatest.

On the left (or down the bottom if you’re on a tablet / phone) you will find some links to my posts organised by dogegory.

Please bear in mind that it takes a long time to type these when you have paws as big as mine (and you should see the size of the keyboard) so please do take the time to read them.



PS. ¬†Well this is a little embarrassing actually, but apparently everyone’s interested so here goes:

My Weight

DateWeight - Kgs (lbs)Comments
30 May 20177.0 (15.4)8.3 weeks old
04 Jun 20178.0 (17.6)9 weeks old
13 Jun 20179.2 (20.3)10.3 weeks old
24 Jul 201714.4 (31.7)16 weeks old
01 Sep 201718.4 (40.6)5 months old
19 Sep 201720.85 (46)5 1/2 months old
16 Oct 201723.7 (56)6 1/2 months old
15 Dec 201727.65 (61)8 months old
Jan 201829.3 (64.6)9 months old
13 Oct 201832.0 (70.5)18 months old